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Post text right into the space at your physical location.

Hold up your camera and see messages floating right where they were posted.
See timelines and com­ment on posts.

Why just send a message to some abstract network or someone’s phone when you can thumbtack it anywhere in the world at the same time?

If you’re at the corner of 5th and Main in Hooville in front of a green lamppost with purple petunias when you post, that’s exactly where your message will stay, and anyone who comes to that lamppost will find your message floating happily on those petunias. Just that one spot in the world, even after the petunias are gone.

Or, if you choose, on a bookshelf at the New York Public Library, or on the donut case of that new bakery you just found. Or leave your and someone special’s initials on a tree in the park and save the bark for the woodpeckers. Go Arizar crazy. The world is your bulletin board.

Remember, ARIZAR is sensitive, like fireflies that come out to glow and fly only when the moon is hiding on a windless humid summer night...

In ARIZAR’s case, the text flows into the nearby space only where it detects a surface and can get GPS data, and when the light and internet speed are sufficient.

If the environment isn’t quite right, the text often moves around and drifts far away. If this happens, point the camera to the floor or ground, and then go to the timeline and go back to the camera. This may bring the text back. If it doesn’t work, please restart the app.

Not to worry, though. ARIZAR launches quickly. Like the sun over the horizon when it’s just about to rise.

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iOS11.2 ~ iPhone 6s, 7, 8, X ~

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Here's what you can do with ARIZAR!

Post AR

Your post becomes an AR object at your posting location. Tapping the AR shows a longer message.


Take pho­tos of your AR mes­sage as it really looks. Eas­i­ly up­load pho­tos to Twit­ter, Face­book, In­sta­gram, etc or send by Email or message app.

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App is free to download and use for any purpose!


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