Reach further with AR & AI

“The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating.”

Masayuki Matsubara

Founder / Backend and GUI Developer

incorporated Delaware LLC in 1999 and has been developing websites for two decades. He is currently developing the backend system for ARIZAR in Python, as well as creating the GUI. He has abundant startup experience, e.g., the online English learning service "" He is also a designer as well as a developer and an entrepreneur. He was a finalist of the Web Design International Festival in 2008 and 2010 (France), and received an iF Design Award in 2016 (Germany).

Bradley Stanton

App Developer / Writing

is an iOS and Android app developer, English teacher, translator and writer. He has been working with Masayuki for over 10 years. They have developed websites, managing a school together. He can use his teaching and writing skills to create engaging copy, as well as to develop the education mode. Formerly working for a major airline, he has a Bachelor of Arts in Art from Bucknell University. In 2011, he won the $25,000 Verisign ‘Dot Com for Small Business” award for Japan.

Takashi Fujii

iOS Developer / Elementary school teacher

As a CST (certified Core Science Teacher), he has been teaching science to science teachers, and is one of the chairperson of a Yokohama teaching study group. He also assists education companies and publishers in producing teaching materials. He has made use of his own AR apps in educating children. Takashi has a Master of Science (MSc) in Education from Aichi University of Education.He is now focusing on ICT education, programming education, interactive self-directed deep learning.

Haruhito Fuji

iOS Android Developer / Engineer

is employed by Olympus as a firmware engineer. He developed the SDK (Olympus CameraKit for iOS/Android) of the OLYMPUS AIR A01. He is also an iOS and Android app developer whose apps include AirRecipe, AirHDR, AirT-Lapse, and AirHanabi. He has published 3 books on iOS app development ( ). Haruhito was also the winner of the Yahoo! Open Hack Day Japan 2015 Grandprix.